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Our Products


Radar Based:

  • Pedestrian/cars/road/bicycles/motorcycles classification

  • Car and truck detection and classification

  • In cabin vital signs monitoring and forgotten baby syndrome elimination

Camera Based:


  • Presence detection

  • Driver drowsiness/sleep

  • Driver off road gaze time (prevent looking at the cellphone all the time)

  • Vital signs (possibly)


  • Pedestrian/cars/road/bicycles/motorcycles classification and segmentation

  • 3D scene reconstruction

  • Real time automatic stereo calibration and re-calibration

Smart Home/IoT

Radar and camera based solutions:

  • Security: True 3D, pet immune, virtual true-perimeter protection using only a radar (radar can be embedded inside the walls)

  • Window protection using a radar (detecting if someone approaching the window from outside and alerting

  • Stranger / household members classifications

  • Household monitoring for pattern recognition. Remote monitoring of members habits and vital signs

  • Room occupancy

  • People counting

  • Household member recognition for eg. smart tv applications

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